March 31st, 2015

beartato phd

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Day 1 of chefconf: pretty fun meeting team members, other people, saying hi to jess and kartik. Sat in on a "community summit" "open spaces" session, which seemed like a testament to the potential of self-organizing unconferencey sort of organization methods, but I totally could not hear people very well talking in the big echo-ey space that we were in with the four other little groups. Heard some good erlang stories over lunch, talked some more with teammates about project particulars afterwards.

Team Dinner plans are In-and-Out, which I am psyched about since I've never been.


In-n-Out update: the walk there and back was very pleasant listening to coworkers tell more war stories and such. The burgers were... fine. Sorry, California, they didn't quite live up to the hype. Not bad, though --- reminded me of a somewhat less greasy version of Culver's.