March 30th, 2015

beartato phd

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Last minute nerd travel preparations:

Want to have looping white noise on my tablet. Generate noise in audacity, adb push to tablet, play, works, but doesn't loop. Can't figure out how to loop. See hangouts_message.ogg and hangouts_video_call.ogg on tablet already, notice that hangouts_video_call.ogg loops. Aha! Must be ogg metadata or something. Google. Find . Edit metadata of my .ogg to include LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH. Does not loop. Inspect hangouts_video_call.ogg. Has metadata field "ANDROID_LOOP"=true. Of course. Add this to my .ogg, play on tablet, loops... but with a clicky pause. Bummer.

Solution: give up and install audacity on laptop, I'll just hook my headphones directly up to it, I guess.