December 19th, 2014

beartato phd

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Today success at: (1) going kayaking on the (I think?) Imperial river. Nice and relaxing, basically no noticeable current, just lots of hanging trees and bankside trailer parks and a heron and some turtles and darting fish in sun-dappled waters, etc. etc. (2) dog racing track. I increased my bankroll by >200% [footnote: from $2 to $6.40] by making one parimutuel bet on the dog with the funniest name, which promptly won. The building was itself a kind of fascinating particular variant of the suburban semi-shabby communal space that I would have otherwise associated with, like, childhood roller skating rinks and movie theaters, all of them characterized by vernacular inkjet-printed signage, dilapidated carpet, hamburgers and hot dogs, and each their own hyperlocal species of receipt/ticket litter.