March 26th, 2013

beartato phd

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On rabbit-holes:

A plus post by mcmillen lead me to Patrick Rothfuss's webpage, and so I ended up watching this hour-long chat between him and some other celebrity gaming pundits on narrative in games and whether things were Better Back In The Day or not, and then near the very end Tycho recommended Kentucky Route Zero. Which I had never heard of, so I played it because it looked gorgeous from the screenshots and good lord it is gorgeous and deliciously creepy and tragic. Like a full-color, shimmering, animated Achewood strip (from one of those story arcs with the all-black backgrounds and painstakingly-rendered antique cars) only without the talking animals. The only downsides I can care to name were that the controls were a bit janky and the puzzle aspect of it didn't have much depth --- but to complain too hard about the latter would be to miss the point, I think.

It is coming out in Acts, and only the first Act is out right now and dang it I want mooooore.