January 5th, 2013

beartato phd

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Here is a thing that is full of lulz, in the sense that I am dumb and it was funny.

So. Prelude. Jeff Sarnat recently suggested I apply to twitter for a job. This is an entirely plausible thing for me to explore, at least. I think I'm really "back on the market" for real, looking for a job, as of now. Twitter has an NYC office, (although this would mean a limited set of projects to work on at least initially) and I'm not fundamentally ruling out thinking about moving to the west coast, although I'm reluctant to tear up all my roots here without a good reason. Anyway.

Now Jeff suggested I have an informal face-to-face chat with a dude that works in the NYC office, which I would love to do. I tried to schedule such a thing over email with this dude. Except ALL OF HIS EMAILS NEVER APPEAR IN MY INBOX. I thought maybe I accidentally fat-finger-archived his first email. That kind of thing happens every so often, since I might type some text in the wrong window and gmail might interpret it as keyboard shortcuts. The second email that went straight-to-archive had me convinced that the thread had gotten mysteriously into some "muted thread" state, even though it didn't say it was muted. So I started a whole new thread. After the third email that I didn't see until I later searched for the dude's name specifically, I was about ready to tear my hair out...

...until I noticed that his email address was @twitter.com. Which of course it was, he works at twitter.

But I also get lots of dumb twitter notifications from twitter.com. Which I filter. "Mark as read, skip inbox". headdesk

(Any other twitter employees who are reading, I would greatly welcome privately or publicly information as to whether twitter is awesome employer, scala is or is not awesome language, etc. etc.)


The solution of course was to adjust email notification settings on twitter's end. I wonder if these settings even existed way back when I signed up for the account in --- what was it, 2007 or so?