August 20th, 2012

beartato phd

(no subject)

Bunch of mundane but enjoyable food experimentation recently. Hash browns turned out excellent yesterday morning after getting some moisture out of them first.

Tonight I found myself searching around for pancake recipes with the word "amish" near them, in the hopes of maybe discovering that Dutch Eating Place's pancakes weren't idiosyncratically perfect but just the way Amish people make pancakes. I found this recipe and was intrigued by the vinegar/soda leavening mechanism and modified it down to
(1c flour + 1tsp soda + 2tbsp sugar) + (1c milk + 2tbsp oil + 2tbsp vinegar + 1 egg)
and cooked about half of the resulting batter in a tbsp or so of butter.

First one turned out really good, fluffy on the inside and crispy and properly brown-and-yellow mottled on the outside. I forgot to refresh the butter on the second cake, and it burned a little and its coloration was altogether sadly inferior, but still tasty with enough butter and syrup afterwards.

Overall verdict is that it was not a whole lot like Dutch Eating Place pancakes --- I remember them being a lot more floppy and less crispy on the outside --- but there was something about the fluffiness of the interior that makes me think I'm getting closer. I think the vinegar/soda reaction is something to approve of.