April 22nd, 2012

beartato phd

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Attemping a bunch of overdue cleaning today, both of apartment things and the files in my home directory and zillion-many nested backups-of-old-home-directories.

Plugged in an external hard drive from six or seven years ago, started nosing around, found an mp3 of Desert Planet's "Asteroid Hopper" and it reminded me that there was some other chiptuney song I listened to around the same general time and what was it...

So I started reading back through http://jcreed.livejournal.com/tag/music to see if I'd ever mentioned it, and lo and behold, on Jan 28 2008 I did. It is Cicada's (maybe now called Tettix?) Earth's Assault on the central AI. I love the chorus drop around ~1m.