February 28th, 2012

beartato phd

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aleffert tipped me off to a comedy/comics thing going on in the lower east side. Went and met up with him and K and sara bobo and went to it. It was pretty fun! Kate Beaton and Aaron Diaz were the two performers that were already famous to me. The idea of... performing comics was a little awkward, but it mostly worked. Diaz's Caveman Science Fiction was pretty funny with caveman voices. 3rd act twists lost some of its lazy-scanning 2d-onna-page glory by being serialized. Kate Beaton had a less-rehearsed-seeming rambly patter to go along with her comics and I thought it worked well. Besides that there was some standup comedy acts, all of which were collectively quite funny. Good times. (me am play gods/10)