February 3rd, 2012

beartato phd

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Saw the premiere (!) of Linotype: the film, which K alerted me to. It was pretty fun. The beginning didn't seem all that tightly edited --- I felt a bit repeatedly hit over the head with what the machine was and how it worked --- but the movie found its groove eventually and had a whole bunch of really charming characters in the form of printing-industry veterans reminiscing about the clinkety-clank joys of this strange machine that transmogrified squirts of liquid metal into letters. Definitely a fine effort for a bunch of kids that never made a movie before. (7/10)

Went out for diner food after with K and some of her type nerd friends. One of them was from Milwaukee and so some entertainment was had sharing vague memories (at least mine are pretty vague by now) of Wisconsin Dells.