January 2nd, 2012

beartato phd

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Tried to go to Bonnie's but it was super full. Tried Colombia in Park Slope. A lot of the yelp reviewers seem really upset with the place, but I was pretty satisfied with my Arroz y Pollo con Maduro. Filling and tasty, but not inhumanly large. The plantains were just perfect: crispy on the outside, creamy-textured and sweet in the middle. The kitchen seemed reeeeally slow though despite the place not being busy, so I'm not sure I'm going to be eager to go back there.

Last night was a similar experience grabbing some pizza at Savoia with K. Yelp made it seem sketchy, but we enjoyed ourselves. Got a sausage, red pepper, scallion, olive pizza. I don't even like vegetables on pizza much, and I thought it was quite tasty.