Jason (jcreed) wrote,


So I got some research reading done yesterday and later there was much gaming. I played some go in the lounge with Norm -- he played pretty well for his first game. Then pete showed up and we headed upstairs to the math-physics lounge where there was some sort of physics social event thing happening. Brighten and Bryan Clark were there along with a few other people I didn't know. They had a copy of Set, and Ellen utterly dominated at it. Played some omega and lost cities with pete, broke out the scattergories for a while, and eventually everybody consolidated into whiteboard pictionary. I didn't really expect to, since it seems like such a cheezy party game, but I had a lot of fun. We finally stopped about 4am. Ah, the crazy saturday nights of incurable CMU geeks.

I've had a bunch of dreams recently in locations which are from previous dreams, but nowhere in reality. It's as if there's this definite library, mall, and restaurant/bar thing that exist in my head that I come back to sometimes. Weird.

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