December 7th, 2011

beartato phd

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Since chrisamaphone asked, I am spooling out more font doodles that I just finished up from my backlog of stuff:

[interletter spacing on this one is kind of messed up, but meh]

It's a really weirdly different feeling from regular fontmaking.

A thing I definitely do like about making regular ol' fonts for the roman alphabet is that it is heavily constrained, and its particular constraints are ones that seem cozy and nice to me. Some constraints are obvious: Two-D, black and white, just vectors. The other constraints are the subtle, hard ones, that you can't easily nail down objectively: everything in one face is supposed to have the same Hofstadterian "spirit", and every letter has to "read" as that letter, which basically calls into play every experience you've had with letters your whole life.

So the problem I'm solving here has all of those constraints except the last one. I have no prototypes for what the letters are, and I am inventing/discovering them as I go. This is obvious, I guess, since I said I was doing that at the outset, but it's weird to really feel it in the face of all the other constraints still being there.