October 16th, 2011

beartato phd

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Oooof had a complete traintastrophe last night.

So me and K were walking home from manhattan across the bridge, and we get to Jay St. a bit tired, and decide to take the F train the last couple stops. This would normally take like 5-10m.

Oops, we took it the wrong direction. No big deal, we'll just get on the F going the other direction as soon as it gets to the next stop.

Oh. There are no downtown F trains between West 4 (in manhattan, farther uptown than where we started walking even) and Jay St. They're running on the blue line this weekend. Crap. Oh well. We'll ride it all the way back to West 4 and turn around.

At West 4. Uhhh. "Due to a sick passenger at High St., the F train is now running [indecipherable]". Okay, F train is fucked. Let's just take the A or C or something back to Jay street and fucking walk the last stretch after all. Oh, look, there's an A.

Get on the A. It isn't moving. Maybe something's fucked up about the express line. Oh, look there's a C that just arrived.

Get on the C. Now it isn't moving. Eventually the C moves. And gets half-way to the next station. And stops. And stays stopped. For like what probably was about 15-20m, but felt like an eternity.

Eventualy the C moves. And stops. And moves. And makes it to Canal St.

Fuck it, let's just get out of this disaster and take a cab.

We try for maybe 20m to catch a cab, but all cabs are either occupied or "fuck you I'm not driving to brooklyn" and they have their back door locked so the trick of getting in before telling them where you're going doesn't work.

Finally K has the brilliant insight that the R train is probably good enough, and stays the hell away from the TOTALLY FUCKED blue line. We take an R allll the way to 4 and 9, take an uptown F back to Carroll St., and retire to the cavepartment for triumphant (albeit pyrrhically triumphant) tea and cake. I'm pretty sure the whole ordeal took well over an hour and a half, whereas if we had just walked it would have been about 20m.