October 1st, 2011

beartato phd

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Puttered around a couple of galleries in Chelsea with K looking at "Soundsuits" by this guy Nick Cave who is not the Nick Cave you're thinking of. Unless perhaps you're _tove or someone like that who I might predict already knows about him-the-performance-artist :P. Anyway, some of his stuff look like this, but there were lots more:

Things that I am not normally excited about include fuzzy/feathery/hairy textures, and, really, The Idea of Clothing/Costume Per Se, and yet I thought these were just really cool. They are costumes, in the sense that you can wear them, and indeed there was a video playing in the gallery that showed people dancing about --- but they're so total, so big and covering, that they work perfectly well as sculptures by themselves. At least to a pretty art-naive person such as me they seem impressive and interesting and so on.