July 22nd, 2011

beartato phd

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Way productive at work today for a change. Super hot out.

A brief thought about pizza:

All pizza in manhattan I have had is pretty good, but Stella's on 17th and 9th is really excellent. They actually have my favorite kind of pizza-topping sausage, which I personally associate with Chicago, since I've gotten it more frequently there when I just pop into a random pizza place: the small chunk, not too oily, spiced but not too spiced, just enough to give a bit of extra proteiny kick above and beyond the cheese. A common new york default, on the other hand, is a sausage link sliced lengthwise very thin. Not bad - a tasty meat, but quite greasy. The dry crumbly sausage topping I've gotten at many places in pittsburgh is just crap. I am suddenly reminded of Sorrento's in pittsburgh, though, which had a decent, slightly thicker version of the sliced sausage.