April 9th, 2011

beartato phd

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Brunch at "Kitchenette" in tribeca with a bunch of visiting people; was not fundamentally displeased with their pancakes, but not impressed either. The quest for amish-quality pancakes continues! Went to this Moccafest comics art con thing with aleffert, ran into annie (on purpose, from akiva's point of view) and also ed (!) and matt aument (!!) by accident. Saw kate beaton, dorothy gambrell, aaron diaz, jeff jaques all conveniently lined up at or near the topatoco table, although I didn't have the courage to say much beyond the usual omg-I-love-your-work-sort-of-pleasantries. Annie got a couple sketches. I basically spent the rest of the day decompressing from the endless wave of (pleasant but introvert-battery-draining) being-around-people that had been going on since like two weeks ago. Dug into some minecraft hillsides; good times.