April 8th, 2011

beartato phd

(no subject)

Went and tried to see a Tina Fey reading from "Bossypants" at the BarnesnNoble with K, but it was totally full even though we got there almost an hour early. Tragedy of the there-are-eight-million-people-in-this commons, I suppose. Got some burritos at Dos Toros, which was ok. Alarmingly (to me, not having picked it on purpose for being such) in the exact same sort of serving structure as a Chipotle, only not Chipotle. For entertainment, we bustled around various movie theaters in the area, desperately looking for something not-terrible... and settled on "Your highness". Unfortunately, it was pretty terrible after all. Still a little bit funny in a written-by-stoned-15-year-olds kind of way, and I can't help but enjoy a bit of genre subversion. End of the day verdict, though, quoting K more or less faithfully: "there was a lot of facepalming". (4/10)

aleffert's flight was delayed and rerouted considerably. He finally got in around midnight despite an advertised arrival of 9pm.