February 20th, 2011

beartato phd

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Yesterday I went to this "free culture" conference that was kind of neat. Thanks are due to gustavolacerda for letting me know about it. A couple of dudes from Diaspora gave a talk, followed by a panel about IP issues in the fashion industry featuring Johanna Blakely of TED-talk fame, followed by a really well-delivered talk by Susan Crawford about cable monopolies.

Today had lunch with Kevin and Maya and George Fairbanks (!) who was in town. It was at Barrio, which I found to be pretty tasty.

More fiddling with supercollider yields... a totally standard drum beat. I like some of the melodic bits that accidentally fell in here, though. And the actual point is that I recorded the drum beat (and delimited the end of it) by just playing it on the keyboard without having to turn around and touch the computer at all.