January 24th, 2011

beartato phd

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This is getting into some really gratuitous wheel-reinventing, but for some reason I find it fun for its own sake.

I rigged up a deliciously unspeakable amalgam of some supercollider, some javascript, and about 100 lines of perl to make the piano roll thing actually work live from my actual piano. The perl sits in the middle listening on two tcp ports, one of which expects messages from supercollider indicating MIDI events happening right now, the other of which expects ajaxy HTTP requests coming from the javascript, OR (to pacify the ajax security wotsits by serving the "web page" from the same "server" (i.e. localhost) as the "ajax request") ordinary HTTP requests for index.html or the javascript code for the frontend or the like.

Result is this!

There is as yet no audio, sorry. I do not presently know the first thing about video editing on linux, so this is just the unadulterated result of running gtk-recordMyDesktop.