January 23rd, 2011

beartato phd

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Today, at gustavolacerda's suggestion, I went over to "Nolita House" with him and had a pretty delicious burger with a live bluegrass band playing in the background. Good times. AA+++ would eat again.

Watched "Toy Story 2". I feel have to ding it on principle just for being a sequel, but it's a satisfying expansion to their little mythology about the hidden life of toys. The Star Wars and Jurassic Park references are delicious. (9/10).

Here's a javascript doodle for the evening, taking a small step towards maybe playing around with simple javascript visualization of music (inspired obviously by smalin's awesome collection of youtube videos). Type on your (non-musical) keyboard, and it does a piano-roll-like thing. That's all. It's not a game. Everyone's a winner.