September 12th, 2009

beartato phd

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Had an approximately 5 mile bikeventure down around center city. My legs are doing okay, but my back is killing me. I need to figure out a different solution for carrying things other than the way my backpack is currently configured.

Basic bike skills (such as biking one-handed and no-handed, and jumping the front wheel up curbs and over small potholes) are returning.
beartato phd

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Locations unlocked:

Math library (in DRL, the dan licata building David Rittenhouse Labs: good books)
Engineering library (in Towne: so-so books)
Irvine Hall Basement practice rooms (good pianos)
Trophy Bikes (though they were closed by the time I got to them - I'll try again monday to see if they have any good helmets or side-bags/baskets)

With a piece of string cut by dull-bladed xacto knife (CVS had a pair of scissors for $10: highway robbery, man...) and two bowline knots (looked up on the internet how to do them) I have a little thingy to connect two preexisting screws in the bathroom over which to drape a long strip of paper towels (in the classier future: fabric?) in order to cover the street-facing window in my bathroom. I don't know why people put non-frosted-glass windows in bathrooms. I am not a huge stickler for privacy as a rule, but I don't like people on the street being able to see me while I am peeing.

Bought a mop and cleaned the bedroom.