August 13th, 2009

beartato phd

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T minus three hours, and Paul Stockhausen is my hero for actually giving me a working key for 4623, (which has its lock changed for the summer because of some PGSS-like program) 25' of phone cable in case the conference phone's cable is (as I think it was 2 years ago in the same room) too short to reach the only working phone jack (located about 20' from where I'll be standing), and a phone code so's I can call Australia.

The sneaky thing is their canned instructions say to dial
122 + billing code + 9 + 1 + area code + 7 digit phone number
which presumes that you are calling a US number. After some googling and trial and error, I succeeded in leaving a message on Rajeev's machine by doing
122 + billing code + 9 + 011 + 61 + 2 + [8 digits of local phone number]
with the semantics being, I think: I am billing a call to [billing code], it is an outside-of-CMU-call, it is an international call whose origin is the US, whose destination is Australia, specifically Central East Australia, and the local phone number is [8 digits of local phone number].

I feel kinda like I am keying in IP headers.

Oh, wow, those who don't look up their old livejournal entries first are doomed to repeat them. Except I think I have a few more hours of headstart now.