November 27th, 2008

beartato phd

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This explains all the cygwin problems I've been having lately. They upgraded X and in the process created a bunch of new packages, which means that many libraries vanished until I reinstalled them, since they are no longer in the main branch, and others have been wholly deprecated, which meant fontforge stopped compiling. I'm trying to make clean and run configure again; we'll see if it can get by without libxkbui.
beartato phd

The internet made me dinner

Well, rmitz and qiika did, but I heard about it here. It was very nice. Also _tove and blk and infryq were there. I was seriously considering just eating awful fast food and getting some work done, (or other local dinner invitations), but hunger and laziness got the best of me. Also awful fast food wasn't even open today apparently. Ordered domino's with gwillen for lunch, though. I am very impressed by their speed (20 minutes from online order placed to pizza at door) if not their pizza.