September 22nd, 2008

beartato phd

(no subject)

First day of ICFP talks proper. I liked Butler Lampson's invited talk in the morning about how laziness and speculative execution are kinda dual if you squint right at them. Wouter Swierstra also had a nice Lessig-style presentation promoting dependent programming. Didier Rémy's talk on MLF seemed interesting but I could not even slightly grok his graphical notation past the barest basics. Laura Effinger-Dean gave a talk on a paper she worked on with roseandsigil and their advisor Dan Grossman. CML is one of the few treatments of concurrency that starts to make a little sense to me. Adam Shaw talked about Manticore, which also sunk in a bit. Went to dinner with roseandsigil and dklee and simrob and Laura ~ bit of an inbred group of people, but we had a good time.