September 6th, 2008

beartato phd

(no subject)

I'm possibly in the market for a new laptop, being as mine is physically kind of on its last limbs; various pieces of the case have chipped off in sketchy ways, the battery latch is broken, and the DC adapter jack is growing frighteningly flaky.

Thinking about getting the HP TX2525NR tablet. The statistics about it I like are: ~4lbs, 1280x800, 250M HD, 3G RAM, 2 mouse buttons, ~$1000, and having played with the store model in Best Buy, I like the feel of the keyboard. I'm intrigued by the Eee's low price and weight, but I hear the keyboard and mouse are kind of "clicky" (and I think it has only one mouse button?) and I'm very reluctant to buy it without actually feeling it in person. Thinkpads are also kind of vetoed for their keyboard- and mouse-feel and that god-damned trackpoint, ugh. Given that my computation needs are not actually that great, the physical interface to the machine is sort of more important.

Anyone have, for example, horror stories about the flimsiness of the rotatey tablet-to-monitor joint that I should be worried about? Positive, negative opinions of tablet PCs?