August 14th, 2008

beartato phd

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As promised!

Step one: model 11:45 in sketchup.

Step two: take model apart in sketchup by tediously rotating polygons. Surely there is some way to script this, (modulo the computationally nontrivial part of avoiding overlapping polygons) but I took the scenic route this time.


Step three: write horribly ad-hoc perl script to convert from the COLLADA data exported from Sketchup (exporting "Google Earth 4" yields a file that is secretly a .zip of COLLADA despite its .kmz extension) to postscript

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Step four: import into illustrator, fiddle with colors and such.


(pdf file here if you wish to make your own)

Step five: print out and assemble. (the arms didn't make it)


Step six: Rock out.


Step seven: Rock out some more.