March 22nd, 2008

beartato phd

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Saw some bands today over at William Pitt at a show tom7 told me about. I kinda regret missing CTFwS but I guess some people will probably be around tomorrow too?

Discuss: nice laid-back laptop+guitar combo. Better when the songs had a more distinct beat.

In The Wake Of Giants: rather testosterone-y head-banging instrumental stuff, but I liked it for some reason. It's like an auditory illusion where instead of an endlessly rising scale, it's like an endless crescendo of rockin' out, which gets almost tiring after a while. You keep saying to yourself "ok, I see, this is the rockin' part" but it's 95% just like that.

Make a Rising: obviously quite skilled musicians who dress up in silly costumes and played a lot of jarring not-very-musical music, with occasional bits that I concede were interesting. A cursory poke at their myspace playlist reveals stuff I find much, much more listenable than the concert.

Civil Twilight: slick 'n' professional sounding rock. Lyrics were... eugh. Easy on the ears though. Wouldn't have sounded too out of place on the radio when I went to high school.

The LK: Swedish duo, a very nice poppy mixture of electronic and real drums, other miscellaneous electronic sounds, pleasant vocals, trumpet, guitar. Only problem I had with them was somehow the converse of "In the Wake of Giants"'s: there were many times when my brain's music-prediction subsystem was like "ok now the song is going to ROCK OUT" and in reality it faded out to a quieter bit anticlimactically right then.

All in all a fine time, worth the $5.