March 19th, 2008

beartato phd

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Lunch with adam was good times. In the evening Dave Eggers gave a little talk in Baker, possibly surprisingly not so much about his writing, but more about the other things he's been doing in life: about 826 Valencia, and about the story behind What is the What.

Ran into Lindsay-from-the-internet there, and her friend Anna, chatted with them for a good while at the little café thingy embedded in Hunt library, where erika showed up again randomly. When did I get so social?

More technical goings-on today included a meeting where chrisamaphone hashed out her senior thesis draft, and before that a talk by Johnathan Aldrich about an LF-ish proof assistant he's been working on. I'm all for more friendly concrete notation, but I find the treatment of contexts almost as confusing as the way Twelf does it. Maybe it's because Twelf has warped my brain.