January 14th, 2008

beartato phd

Title of the post

Inventory: I have a Casio PX-310 keyboard, with some MIDI cables connecting it to my computer.

Goal: I would like to transfer midi files from my computer to this keyboard.

Naïve failure to attain goal: You'd think maybe alls I have to do is hit "record" on the keyboard, and play the .mid file from the computer. Nope. The keyboard does not listen to things coming over the wire while recording, only the keys themselves.

Aesthetically displeasing attainment of goal: What I can do is use a program SonyCasio provides, which has an unpleasant user interface and is not scriptable, to transmit .mid files.

Theory: I suspect that this program simply sends some magic undocumented (I have looked the pdf manual several times over, though I suppose I might have missed it still) midi control change messages or something, tantamount to, "dammit, pay attention to what is coming across the wire now".

Question: Is there an easy way in Windows of eavesdropping on what is going through the current midi device, to discover these putative magic undocumented control change messages?