November 6th, 2007

beartato phd

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Went climbing today with gwillen, eight, and zach; it was pretty excellent. I got a new V2, the purple one of the two courses of that difficulty level (the other being the yellow) I've been trying to attack lately that are located on the kind-of-like-topping-out zone on the arch immediately to the right of the entrance. I'm definitely observing some kind of improved finger/arm stamina; getting up on the initial handhold (one of those fiddly lip-shaped pieces, or to put it more science-ifickally, a sphere intersected with two orthogonal half-spaces) is much easier than it used to be. My feet were doing pretty badly on the yellow somehow, but with a great deal of focus I very nearly got the blue V1+ top-out near the middle of the room, this being mostly due to insane foot-hooking tricks chrisamaphone showed me last weekend that I never would have attempted otherwise.