April 21st, 2007

beartato phd

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Dang, it feels like it's been about six years since thursday. So much going on. Today: hung out with pete, neal, and martin some more. Tried to play Caylus again, but it just takes so fuckin' long. Went by the Lounge BBQ. Watched "Blue Velvet" with paulette, which was a pretty amazing film.

Played with n1h2k at Ruy's carnival party: insanely fun, even though I think I was fucking up a lot more this time. Still the acoustics were much more forgiving than in CFA, and "Mad World" came off pretty good, causing the same wavy sea of lit cellphones held aloft as it did before. Man, given that so many of them are going to be graduating and/or skipping town soon, I can't help but reflect that I am incredibly thankful to have such awesome friends to play music with. You guys are great!

And what's more, afterwards a couple of paulette's friends got me to jam some more with them over random stuff, which was continued excellent times until my hands got tired. I ought to find out what that pixies song was with the E-C#m-G#m-A. I am such a sucker for iii-IV transitions like that.