April 7th, 2007

beartato phd

(no subject)

I keep intending to set aside time to seriously get some paper-writing done, but the world keeps thwarting me.

I go into the Underground thinking I am to get a quick grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, but I find that Sophe Lux is setting up. I heard of them on boingboing once, and they sound okay warming up, and so I decide to stick around.

Conclusion: (nolacoaster will understand my meaning, I trust) on a scale of 1 to Portland Rock 'n' Roll, they are holy fucking where did all that awesome come from. Something like Rasputina with an occasional chance of Freezepop and with lead vocals by Corin Tucker's and David Bowie's time-travelling daughter, and two clones of Carrie Brownstein, one playing accordion and even more delicious synths than I just heard last last night, and one on bass, who looks like Zoë Keating just to fool you. And songs about robot Marie Antoinette and shopping and video games! Pretty good.