March 21st, 2007

beartato phd

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Talked to Catherine Copetas; looks like we'll be able to have at least reasonably decently bound SIGBOVIK proceedings for sure, paid for by some crazy discretionary fund somewhere.

Went to a talk by Ben Fry. Turned out to be basically the same talk I saw him give a couple years ago. Not a bad talk, though. He showed off some neat infographics he did, and some other random programs written in processing. After it edanaher talked me into dropping by a meeting of a class-like thing called "passport" he is taking, which is supposed to get together people of different majors to go to interesting talks such as the aforementioned one and then discuss them or something. It was interesting to listen to some surprisingly different perspectives on what procedural graphics has to do with art, and the prof, Dee Briggs struck me as pretty brilliant.