February 4th, 2007

beartato phd

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Augh! God damned dactyls. You start messing with them a little, and then you start frickin' dreaming in them. This is also tragically almost a contrafact of "Greensleeves". Too bad the third degree of a minor key sounds so good starting a chorus. Too bad for you, chord progression of greensleeves.

The mapmaker's son had barely begun
    Am                 C
His drinking at the Chalice & Pew
    G               Em        Am
When he said, "Here's a story," and swore it was true
        Am                          C
To the very last word, as I tell it to you
       G         Em         Am
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Edited to add:

Alternate chords.

Verse: Am G Am E Am G [C E] Am
Chorus C [G /F# E] Am E C [G /F# E] [Am E] Am