March 31st, 2006

beartato phd

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I was fiddling with benchmarking javascript stuff in firefox today, mostly trying to make sure the data representation I was planning to stuff in the backend is reasonable. Some very nonintuitive other things popped out, like that switch is (slightly) more efficient than if, even for a simple two-way check of equality of two integers! Most arithmetic operations take in the neighborhood of 100ns on my machine, but, as best as I can tell, converting an integer to a boolean is 2μs, which is kind of ridiculous. I mean, how hard is it to test for 0?

Array allocation is about the the worst thing you can do, at about 9μs, and record allocation 6μs. I don't quite understand that. Record and array lookup and update are about the same, so it seems like mostly you want to do everything with records, unless you want things like push and pop and whatnot.

In the evening I wandered around KGB's Capture the Flag With Stuff event for a time, not playing but talking to alums like gf2e and damion (and also the non-CMU _wirehead_, unless I have guessed her lj name wrong) and catlyons and rjmccall and those people still in the spikety, icety grasp of CMU's tentacley, uh, you know, tentacles. People like aleffert. People like _tove, who made sweet, sweet Glyphs for the game using Beatriz, which is already lookin' a little clunky to me, but maybe in kind of a charming way. Hot damn but I like her sense of graphic, though. Twee little asterisks and highly pertinent red-yellow duality! And then the people like thebenedictine who actually have escaped the aforementioned tentacles in favor of Pitt's. I guess maybe they're less, uh... penetrating... or something... please somebody get me out of this metaphor, quick.

Tomorrow = busy.