March 19th, 2006

beartato phd

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It has been a weird weekend. Not very productive as concerns official-stuff-I'm-supposed-to-be-doing.

I feel like the bits of my brain that handle visual things are more awake than usual, and all the math bits are still there but sleepy and slow. I spent like a few hours staring at various uses and samples of Helvetica, Univers, Arial, Akzidenz Grotesk, and others working on the face from last entry, and walking around campus and oakland suddenly all the boring sans-serif signage that is absolutely everywhere became beautiful and interesting.

I've definitely had this experience with a lot of other things: that if I spend a stretch of time thinking really hard about something, the world around me gets seen through that lens for a while afterward. Like once a long time ago I got really into Go, and spent a whole day thinking about it and playing it, and eerily everything around me became issues of territory and surrounding and grouping and stuff.

Yesterday I went over to sackofbob's house and rocked out a bit with him and madmadammim.

Today I read in the library the book "The End Is Near", which is about Apocalypse-themed Outsider Art. Bascially paintings and drawings of the end of the world and other horrible misfortune, done by crazy folk. Even though this sort of stuff fascinates me, it also freaks me the hell out every time I look at a bunch of it in a row.

The power at home keeps going on and off as the electricians (whose lovely pixburg accents waft down from the roof and up from the basement) try to fix whatever is wrong with our wiring.