August 15th, 2005

beartato phd

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Went to Concert RG meeting, met up with Jen to procure a non-broken suitcase for the Chicago trip (mine is of the broken-handle kind) went to the Brad Yoder show at 8, which was really amazingly good. In the past my experience of Brad Yoder is enjoying to some degree the fact that he's really talented, but it not being really my favorite kind of music. Tonight, however, he had a bassist with him (who alternated between an upright bass and a 6-string fretless electric bass tuned C-E-A-D-G-B) and the extra layer to the music added so much. Also maybe I never gave the style of music he writes enough of a chance in the first place; it's starting to grow on me. Anyway it was good stuff. Got home, realized I was starving, went over to PDC and scarfed down a sandwich listening to the crazy techno playing there.

Tomorrow afternoon: to Chicago! Where I will hopefully encounter more nice family visit time than awkward family drama time. And catching up with Norm and Teki and old middle-school teachers.