June 19th, 2005

beartato phd

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During the day, got lots of hacking done.

In the evening, started reading "Guns, Germs, and Steel", saw the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and simultaneously something called the "Cirque Populaire", a Cirque-du-Soleil-y sort of outfit with the feats of acrobatics and flexibility and costumes and whatnot. Very surprisingly cool. PSO played (Ravel's orchestration of) Mussorsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition", the main theme of which I adore, but I found I didn't actually like the whole piece that much. Especially the way the ending kept fidgeting around for a resolution. Should I blame Mussorsky, or Ravel? I don't know nothing of the history of the piece but what the program had in it.

After that went back to la casa de Beattie with sally and jen and watched "A Mighty Wind", which is a perfect, shining gem of cinematic brilliance. I love it so much.