June 6th, 2005

beartato phd

(no subject)

A long day of fun discussions with various people, like lincoln3, neelk, lambdacalculus, wjl. Got a phone call from Andrew Appel propositioning me to hack up some FLIT-related stuff that I sort of volunteered myself for years ago. Kind of an off day for traditional productivity, but I feel that these kinds of activities --- casting my net around in closely-related currents of research, listening to what other people are thinking about, talking to them about my own work and getting feedback, etc. --- are very important.

Also: ran into Lauren Ingram this evening, who is, I guess, in light of recent events, to use demoness101's term, (at least I think of it as hers) no longer in the queue. Since, well, at present the queue is not needed, to be wildly oblique about it. Should still get around to foisting Connections on Lauren, though.