April 30th, 2005

beartato phd

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I think I made a sort of breakthrough understanding chain homotopies today. Collapse )

Went to the TG, chatted with a few people. I met a physicist named Diana, a girlfriend of a friend of James Hendricks's. I swear she reminded me so much of a younger version of Jodie Foster in Contact, the way she talked and laughed. It was almost creepy.

Talked with william lovas a lot after that, about cake-cutting algorithms and pure type systems. I really wonder if there's no structural proof already in the literature of SN for PTS. If not, I ought to chug through it.

At lunch the Veracruz waitress was totally flirting with me. I found it rather flattering.
beartato phd

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Today has been consumatopia.

I saw "Scotch on the Rocks", a production of four new one-act plays performed by CMU's drama-club-for-non-majors, "Scotch & Soda". psifenix's was otherworldly. It was so good. No offense to those who participated in its earlier, how you say, world premiere production a while ago (not least because I count myself in this group of people) but to see it actually done by people straight-up acting, and acting rather well at that, was astonishing. It was the 18th funniest thing involving a canary I have probably ever seen. What are the other 17? Classified.

You could read the play yourself, but it's not the same wissout ze ridiculous eccent.

Ram's play, I also liked a lot.

Afterwards I saw Hitchiker's with demoness101, iole200, lambdacalculus. Not the best movie ever, but it was much better than I expected from all of the panning it seemed to be getting. The fact that it has already seen so many plot-permutations across different media prepared me to accept any and all digressions from the book --- because, after all, who complains that the book wasn't faithful to the radio shows? Collapse )