November 25th, 2004

beartato phd

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It was really nice to see Dee while she was in town, and to hang out with her and Benoît and Mark at Bruegger's and Mad Mex last night.

Today I had some trouble actually scoring meals, not really being in the mood for thanksgivingy food, and not having any particular plans to have thanksgivingy dinners, though I probably could have dropped in on someone's if I had tried. Fortunately Veracruz and Boston Market were open, though. Walking/jogging from oakland to squirrel hill and avoiding coke in favor of water made the chicken sandwich taste immensely satisfying. I've been vaguely thinking of trying to lower the amount of caffeine and unnecessary high fructose corn syrup in my diet, and neal pointing out recently the cost difference between regularly getting soda and water (I probably spend nearly $600 yearly) has only spurred me to greated levels of motivation.

Here's another little tracker tune. It's fun to just slap stuff together to see how it sounds without worrying much about tonality. In the world of music not written by me (it's a big world out there!) I think "Fatty So Nasty" by Mister Buster is kinda brilliant. You can use bovik/bovik to login to actually get the mp3.