November 13th, 2004

beartato phd

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I was reading friendsfriends, and came across this post by offred01:
It seems so cruel to kill someone, even if they have killed besides which the state is mandating murder, which is ironic since we're supposed to be punishing murder from happening.
I can't seem to find any google search-frame (I tried things like "punishing * from happening" and "punishing * from occurring") that reveals any other instances of this peculiar semantics for "punishing". Syntactically it seems that it takes an adjunct (assuming I've got my terminology straight) with the preposition "from", meaning somehow "prevent from occurring, through punishment".


In other friendsfriends news, this user's name and journal "title" and "subtitle" would, as phrases, function great subtle hints that a person is single. Except in this case the theory seems not-to-likely that that's the intent, since they're respectively somewhat permanent and infrequently changed. Hint for those playing at home: Björk song.
beartato phd

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I'm trying to remember where I first heard this quoted:

(it's from Time and the Gods by Lord Dunsany)
"Slay him not, for it is not enough that Althazar shall die, who hath made the faces of the gods to be like the faces of men, but he must not even have ever been."

Then said the gods:

"Spake we of Althazar, a King?"

And the gods said:

"Nay, we spake not." And the gods said:

"Dreamed we of one Althazar?" And the gods said:

"Nay, we dreamed not."

But in the royal palace of Runazar, Althazar, passing suddenly out of the remembrance of the gods, became no longer a thing that was or had ever been.
beartato phd

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Went to a party at Jing's. Not extremely exciting, but Shafeeq and Melissa and Chris were there to talk to. Also James and Stephen near the end of my stay. But really, I'm having a hard time snapping out of feeling awful and shy and antisocial when I'm in a room full of people that seem altogether more adult and better dressed and more attractive than me. And it's so easy for me to perceive typical collegeish-looking people that way, even though, just on the one point, I very well may be actually older than plenty of them. Maybe I just need to learn how to dress well, or something, to have that psychological crutch to fall back on.

The music playing at the party was great, though. I heard my, like, two favorite Björk songs ever back-to-back, the aforementioned "Bachelorette", and also "Yoga", with its crazy 13-measure chorus.