May 24th, 2004

beartato phd

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I ran into David Petrou last night at the 61C cafe, who I had previously met at the zebra lounge. Woo for coffeeshops. He also knew Christine Free, so maybe some other music-playing in addition to dave and v is actually in the cards. Because also also he pointed me at a post about someone selling a pretty decent-seeming keyboard (and stand, and headphones) for < $200, which I'll be checking out tomorrow night.

I've been churning through "Describing Morphosyntax", which is pretty sweet. I think it's a good rule of thumb to understand something, you ought to try to understand how to explain it, and this book is exactly a manual for how to go about documenting a language. It's very much in the boohoo-languages-are-dying-right-and-left vein.