December 24th, 2003

beartato phd

(no subject)

Is it really xmas eve already? How time flies. Slept in like crazy this morning after 3am theology debate. Watched one of the two discs of behind-the-scenes stuff that came with two towers extended edition. That put me into a very conlangy frame of mind, but nothing came of it. I am far too lazy.

Playing the piano now and then, but the well of inspiration is low. I've been returning repeatedly to long-term pure modal improvisation in D dorian, to see if I can find something there that satisfies me.

I'm becoming increasingly confident that I will never own pets. The dogs are just so surpassingly annoying here sometimes. Without the basic biological imperative that comes with raising children, I don't see what makes people do it. I mean, yeah, they're cute, they're fun sometimes, but jesus. You can't talk to them and tell them to shut the hell up, not just for a few years before they learn to talk, but ever.

Not that I'm going to sell a million copies of a book titled "Dr. Reed's Childrearing Wisdom, vol. 1: Getting Your Kids to Shut the Hell Up by Telling Them To", but still. The reason I find the dogs so irritating is that you just can't ever get across to them that no, there is not a grave threat to the well-being of this piece of territory of which you have appointed yourself guardian, these are simply unfamiliar-smelling men come to deliver unto us mail and pizza.

Had a ton of waffles this morning, and pie for dinner. Life is good.