August 21st, 2003

beartato phd

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Woke up, thought about going to this one talk that kitty_tape mentioned because it was being given by a Mudd prof. Peeked in the door, felt inhibited by large crowd of people, and realized also that I had already heard the talk.

Tried to go to che concert meeting after that. Like 10 students showed up and sat around for 15 minutes before we started suspecting there wasn't going to be an actual meeting. Bunch of us, tom, susmit, erika, william went off to sorrento's and oakland and stuffed our respective faces. There's something about both william and erika, being non-CMU undergrads that remind me of the qualities I like so much about the CMU undergrads, that make me feel reassured that there are indeed lots of schools around molding people into... awesomer people. Or something. I felt kind of worried the past year, among some (certainly not all) of the CS grad students here, and the way combinator talked about his peers at madison, that there was this overwhelming tendency that everyone eventually succumbed to, to just shuffle off your work into some corner of your life, and not think highly of it. Dunno, maybe it isn't healthy in the end, but I feel so much more comfortable not trying to find a boundary between work things and fun things.

Anyway. Went to the lounge. Got roped into a roving group of people bent on checking out the new UC basement facilities. They have a bunch of neat things down there. Pool, table tennis,foosball, a DDR machine, (although you can't hear it over the jukebox) some weird shuffleboard thing, and a chess/checkers set. I actually won a game of chess against rlambert. Woo.

Eventually my mom called; she and steph got in from madison. Got dinner at M&E's. Found out they have cheese fries with bacon. Mmm. Came back home, and showed steph warioware. I didn't think she would like it, (she doesn't really play video games) but she got hooked on Dr. Wario.

I tried to run down to Entropy quick to get some soda, but they were all closed. Hit up some vending machines instead. Ran into pete and techstep and absolution, the latter two of which helped me reach the conclusion that the way to win the heart of anonymous-hipster-girls-that-may-or-may-not-hate-me is obviously... the ninja-pirate-emo look. Which it now falls upon me to invent. Somehow. Something. Things. Yes.