August 20th, 2003

beartato phd

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Went dahntahn to the allegheny county clerk of courts office and got passport photos taken and filled aht the form 'nat. Turns out the age cutoff was ">= 16" and not "> 16" so I was able to save $30 by filling out the renewal form instead of applying of a new one. Since I did pay the extra expediting fee, they give it 10 days to arrive, so I'm totally not screwed, (i.e. by not being able to get new passport until after I need to depart) which I was afraid I might be.

Called madmadammim while I was on the bus. She's still stranded in bumblefuck, missouri, but I was happy to find out that my haphazard guessing at what book-on-CD to gift turned out to be successful, and she enjoyed it. If only I could remember the author or title. Oh well.

Now to quickly toss together some slides. I do enjoy having random piles of old LaTeX to cannibalize.
beartato phd

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Stumbled across an mp3 of that Susan Werner song again, digging through old files. I think I got it off of the mix CD catamorphism sent me. Mmm. So good.

The air is still sweet on Montgomery Street
But the moon is unbearably bright
The ache unmistakably somebody else
Where you sleep in her arms every night
beartato phd

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Transferred wacom tablet to Ed. I am proud to contribute to the nascent empire that is, and surely will continue to be, 11:45.

Played music with dave and katy. Somehow the following conversation happened again.

dave: [plays riff]
jcreed: [plays solo-y stuff]
jcreed: [has confused facial expression]
jcreed: [counts beats]
jcreed: Dave, you're playing in seven again.
dave: No, I'm not.
jcreed: [counts beats]
jcreed: Yes, you are.
dave: [counts beats]
dave: Oh, I am, aren't I.

Amusing. Anyway, it felt like me and dave were listening a lot better than last week, and even though katy complained about not being in top form, I thought she sounded really good. We had some good moments playing blues in G and Bb, and "Autumn Leaves" and (Gameboy) Tetris Music A.