August 16th, 2003

beartato phd

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Lunch at McDonald's. Advisor meeting went well.
Went up to CFA 160 to play the piano, found a guy named Luke in the composition program. He had these really awesome minor-blues voicings I wish I had written down; I only remember him playing like a Ebmaj7-shaped thing over Cm. Anyway, I harrassed him into jamming for a bit. Had a really good few minutes of playing. It gave me renewed hope for playing music with other people actually being invigorating and not just difficult.

After that, stopped by book guy, got "Contact" and "The Book of Lost Tales". Started reading "Contact". Like it a lot. Bumped into pete. Went and got dinner at BM in squill. Talked about his research project. It sounds like some pretty cool MEMS stuff, though I don't really understand it. Lost yet another game of chess to him.

Walking back towards forbes, cdinwood called and alerted me to her renewed pittsburghination. So I stopped by House Beeler and chatted for a couple hours. Quite pleasant. Despite dreading just a little the reonset of all the business of the semester, it is at least nice to realize that I'll soon again be surrounded by more familiar faces and voices.
beartato phd

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Wow. A tad less than half-way through "Contact". Such a great book.

page 154:
"Let's see if I've got this straight," he returned. It was a phrase of hers that he had adopted. "It's a lazy Saturday afternoon, and there's this couple lying naked in bed reading the Encyclopedia Britannica to each other, and arguing about whether the Andromeda galaxy is more 'numinous' than the Ressurection or not. Do they know how to have a good time, or don't they?"

I want my Ellie Arroway, dammit.
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Read more of "Contact", alternately sitting on the grass in front of the UC, and then on the stairs just inside the UC when it got irritatingly bright out.

techstep passed by, on the way to his metal show. I had no idea how funny ohhim and he sounded with their in-character faux-german accents. Ja. And there was metal song with frighteningly evil voice chick. And she rocked. Ja.

Then sal called, alerting me that she was back in town. We busted over to Kazansky's. Ah, white cheddar on hot dogs is so good.

Just after I got home there was this crazy buzzing noise in the house and I totally freaked out because I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, and my paranoid instincts suggested that of course it was a smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm or something and the house was either burning down or going to invisibly suffocate me. So I called sally back, and my suspicion that a second opinion would be helpful was vindicated in spades.

It was the fucking doorbell. The doorbell that we do not actually have, which is to say we have no button by the door, was going off like mad in a little box by the floor, and god knows when it started doing that. The little box was quite warm. I guess something finally shorted out. I turned off the breaker that made it stop, and sally took it apart and smartly taped apart a couple of the stray wires so nobody would brush past them and short them out again, or, like electrocute themselves. So... that's that. Freakin' out over a doorbell. Poster child of mental stability, that's-a me.
beartato phd

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And on the subject of corny 90's pop songs that, although the snob in me wants to scoff at their simple chord structure and laughable lyrics, I love so so much when I hear them in restaurants or whatever, Sarah McLaughlan, "Possession".

And I would be the one
to hold you down,
kiss you so hard,
I'll take your breath away
and after I'd wipe away the tears,
Just close your eyes dear