August 14th, 2003

beartato phd

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Dreams: old friends from elementary school living in a dark, creepy house on the corner of Beeler and Wilkins doing lots of drugs. Later, (a fully clothed, sigh) Jolene Blalock on some beach. Woke up early (~8am) couldn't get back to sleep. It's really nice outside in the morning before it gets hot.
beartato phd

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Continuing with my earlier series of public service announcements:

Curling up on a chair sideways, barefoot, reading "The Brothers Karamozov", makes you sexy.
beartato phd

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More apalling chess losses. Very effectively humbling.

Doing a little work. Also trying to understand Girard's paradox better, after being reminded of it by this post and finding out that I didn't remeber it as well as I thought. Coquand's LICS'86 paper gives a definition of a universal system of notation for relations in some system as

A = ((Pi B : Type)((B->B->Prop)->Prop))->Prop
i = λB R x.x (B, R)

But I don't understand how to translate this into Martin-Löf + type:type so that all the types line up correctly.
beartato phd

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Thinking about whether to go to this certain party has resulted in a lot of feeling guilty and a couple realizations.

There is, I am told, a common aphorism from HCI, "the user is not like me". It's helpful to generalize that to the obvious tautology "other people are not (necessarily) like me".

So, I thought about some analagous cases, and realized that I would not feel the least bit upset in any of the following scenarios:

  • None of my family or friends shows up to any past or future graduation.
  • None of my family or friends shows up to me getting married.
  • Maybe some of them show up, but wear no particular (i.e. formal) dress.
  • I am given no sort of funeral or wake or anything like that.
  • Any of the above hypotheitcal nonattendances occur for totally base, pragmatic reasons, i.e. don't feel like paying for plane tickets.

So I tried to come up with some generalization of what it is that I'm not caring about that other people seem to when they care about people showing up to important events in their life. I don't actually think it's the issue of physical presence of people that I don't care about; I do like talking to people face-to-face in ways that are irreplacable by phone, email, etc.

I think it's more about timing. I just don't feel inclined to care about people being with me at a certain time. Moreover, I don't really like ceremonializing events in the first place, besides, or being required to dress a certain way, but I guess those are different issues.
beartato phd

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Further meditation leads to decreasing confidence that I even understand my own motivations. Alls I know right now is that it's not fair to expect other people to think like me, so I shall try not to.

Attention, coffeeshop named "61c Café":

1. You are not allowed to play the following kind of song on the overhead speakers. Opening riff of song sounds like "High and Dry" off of Radiohead's "The Bends". Further chord development of song sounds like "High and Dry" off of Radiohead's "The Bends". The first syllable of the vocals of the song enters, sounding like Thom Yorke singing "High and Dry" off of Radiohead's "The Bends", since you are already expecting to hear the same, already thinking back to how it felt to not have yet turned twenty, how it felt to be in high school, feeling all of the memories (stuck by dint of so many hearings to the idle verse's-melody) abruptly come back, fresh as shrink-wrap, feeling that warm, old, glow of familiarity, looking forward to, almost hearing in your head the wonderful slow, whining, half-screaming chorus. Lastly, and this is really the important part, song is totally not "High and Dry" off of Radiohead's "The Bends" but is soon revealed to be some crappy song that just kinda has similar chords.

2. All is forgiven when a guy suddenly comes in off the street and starts playing crazy accordian music. Man, I need to get me one.

Perhaps I should emphasize that this is not a guy coming in off the street, taking his shift behind the counter and changing the radio or whatever it is they pipe through the speakers to the crazy accordion music station. No, it is just a guy and his accordion. For the most part, minor-scale-french-cafe-sounding-stuff, but he busted out 12-bar blues at one point. I was beside myself.