August 4th, 2003

beartato phd

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Still spending a lot of time today trying to pound various bits of lambda-calculus knowledge back into my brain. They seem to have fallen out somewhere along the ride. Picked up good ol' Rogers "Theory of Recursive [Blah Blah etc.]" from the library incidentally. Ah, counter-moving arguments. Party like we're proving theorems in 1999. Aww yeah.

Went to the KGB meeting. Had a nice chat with Audrey walking vaguely north thereafter. I need to make more friends with one foot in the english/history/etc. department. We parted ways as she continued homeward and I headed, uh, bostonmarketward.

Came home. arilinn appeared again, and so did DS9 viewing. Somehow I imagine there has to be fanfic somewhere with Julian's-imagination-Dax making out with real-Dax. I'm half afraid someone will prove me right.