August 2nd, 2003

beartato phd

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Worked on researchy stuff on paper for a while at Arby's. A random patron of said establishment looked over my shoulder and asked, "what kind of math is that?" Turned out she taught math at the high school level, so I had to mumble may way through an answer.

Went to Carnegie library, thumbed through the jazz section and took out anything that looked particularly shiny. Got Coltrane's 1961 interpretation of "Favorite Things", some Brubeck, an Ellington & Armstrong collaboration with a beautiful version of "Don't get around much anymore", Monk's "Criss-Cross", and a Bud Powell disc with "Anthropology" on it. Am enjoying Paul Desmond's alto sax style on the Brubeck Quartet recordings...

Made another batch of 2 cups rice + 1 chicken breast + salt and pepper. Mmm, love the minimal food. Ate about half of it, and a banana. Am extremely full now.